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Onyx Slabs Perth

At Zuccari, we offer a unique range of Onyx slabs in Perth. Onyx is a rare, naturally occurring exotic stone formed on the earth’s surface close to the mouth of a spring, unlike other rocks that form far below the earth’s crust. Onyx often originates from dripstone deposits in limestone caves, where it develops into stalactites and stalagmites. It is a calcareous (containing calcium carbonite) stone which can contain colourful veins, unique swirling patterns and rich banding, making each slab genuinely unique.

The stunning parallel layers and contrasting shades are formed over thousands of years and give Onyx its distinct appearance. Each slab is unique due to its colour variations and patterns. Simply put, Onyx is one of the most stunning and rarest stones in the world.

Onyx is a translucent stone. The stone’s translucency and unique layers and shading are best enhanced by placing lighting beneath or behind the stone slab to create backlighting. There is no other stone slab that offers this unique quality and will make a show-stopping feature in any room of your home. Onyx countertops will add incredible value to your home or office due to the rarity and exclusivity of this stone slab. It is an inimitable material and brings a sense of lavish yet natural beauty into your home.

If you want to create eye-catching, dramatic areas in your home, Onyx slabs are a perfect choice. Adding a glowing stone feature to any area of your home is sure to make a statement! Historically, Onyx has been used to create beautiful sculptures and jewellery. Onyx is even considered to have good feng shui boosting qualities. What better way is there to boost the aesthetic appeal of your home than have a slab of the world’s most beautiful stone in it?

If you are looking for an extensive range of Onyx slabs in Perth, then look no further. Zuccari is Perth’s premium Onyx Slabs supplier. Call Us or visit our Malaga Showroom today!

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