Terms & Conditions


1) The term Stone means natural stone, man-made Stone, Engineered Stone, Terrazzo, and any product natural or manufactured that is used for paving, cladding,tops, tables, signs etc.

2) Variation is an inherent characteristic of natural material and for this reason samples can only be considered indicative of color, shade, and grain characteristics. Samples viewed from current stock are indicative of current stock and new shipments may vary from the sample.

3) Due to current exchange rate fluctuations and the increase in freight rates, this quote may be subject to variation at any time.

4) Any natural stone installed in an external application is likely to suffer some pitting or corrosion over time due to exposure to the elements, weathering, salt attack, pool chemicals, mineral content in water or acid rain. The visual impact of this is best disguised by selection of rustic surface finishes such as sandblasted and brushed, flamed or bush hammered.

5) All Quotes are valid for 30 days. All stone thicknesses are nominal.

6) For supply only stone items all quantities are estimates from drawings only, to be confirmed by site measurements by others.

7) All stone installed and/or used externally and internally requires to be sealed with the appropriate sealer dependent on the stone, the application, and the conditions. Stone has an element of porosity; if not correctly sealed application marks may be difficult to remove. The sealer is to ensure that the surface is more resilient and resistant to staining. Required application(s) can be installed by a recommended contractor. For a list of recommended sealing contractors and sealer products refer to the website or consult showroom staff.

8) Any recommendation given here for adhesive, waterproofing, sealing, grout is generalised in nature and suitable for the tile product. To ensure suitability for the intended background, substrate, location and use, the client must ensure that the installer or fixer confirms its suitability.

9) Some stone such as quartzite and granite are generally acid and stain resistant and can be suitable for normal household use. Some stones such as marble,dolomite and limestone are not acid or stain resistant however many of these materials are still considered suitable for general kitchen benchtop use due to the more forgiving nature of the colour and veining pattern.

10) White or light colour stone, (tiles or pavers), may be at risk of colour contamination and have some vulnerability to staining. White sand, white cement and white adhesives should be used. Check with your installer for the use of suitable products or contact our office for specific advice related to the product purchased.

11) Maintenance and Care instructions are available on our web site. Where additional information or advice is required, please consult with showroom staff.

12) Structural variations in any natural stone can result in variations in surface finish across the slab. Natural stone slabs may have resin applications and cosmetic filling included as part of the processing and is considered acceptable. Some resin filled slabs may not be considered suitable for external application so where applicable please check with our showroom staff.

13) Maximum overhang without requiring additional supports is 50mm. Additional supports by others. Structurally the slab materials we provide may be suitable for unsupported overhang to some extent however vulnerable to damage due to heavy weight/load, impact, or abuse of any kind and we cannot be responsible for this risk.

14) Where design eliminates hobs or step downs in shower recesses the bathroom floor becomes part of the shower base with high moisture ingress into the main floor area. This can result in some shadowing from moisture content and or pitting or damage to some stone. A conventional hob or step-down enables waterproofing to isolate the shower base from the main floor. External feature walls should be waterproofed prior to installation.

15) Conventional circular or square waste outlets are inclusive of a “puddle flange” that allows accumulated moisture in the screed or bedding to drain into the waste outlet. Strip drains can be installed to accommodate the same drainage of excess moisture however often they are sealed off, eliminating any drainage from the screed. Effective drainage from the screed into the waste minimises moisture drying out through the top surface and potential pitting and damage to the stone surface, particularly with limestone.

16) Any courtesy hold normally for a period of 14 days provided to facilitate the process of order confirmation is subject to availability of the stock. Once a purchase order is received for the held material it will be invoiced and paid under the clients agreed credit terms. In the case of slabs, until the purchase order is officially confirmed, and deposit paid actual slab numbers cannot be allocated. A set of sequenced slabs can only be secured by full payment.

17) Every effort will be made to supply the individual slab selected, however if it becomes unavailable for any reason, we will supply to the best of our ability the next consecutive slab in the bundle.

18) Where clients have paid in full for stone slabs these may be stored at no charge for a period of 6 months from Date or purchase/order, after which storage will be charged at a rate of $25 per slab per month.

19) Where Clients have paid in full for tiles or pavers, these may be stored for a period of 6 months from date of purchase/order after which time storage will be charged at the rate of $0.75m2/month or part of, for 10,12 or 15tiles, $1.00m2/month or part of for 20mm tiles and $1.50m2/month or part of for 30mm tiles.

20) Where stone is installed in high heat locations such as fireplaces BBQ areas etc. it is subject to the risk of cracking, surface damage and / or delamination. Mechanical installation may eliminate these issues.

21) Credits or quantity adjustments on paid or ordered slabs prior to dispatch can be considered only within 30days of deposit invoice & on slabs in sequence/book matched with remaining stock. If no stock remains, no credit can be applied. No credits on dispatched slabs.

22) Credits on dispatched tiles or pavers must be within 30 days of invoice date and be in first quality condition, as supplied, free of chips, cracks, weathering or staining of any kind. Credits cannot be considered if remaining stock of the batch supplied has already been depleted to a level considered remnant status.

23) Where any return of stock is agreed, an original invoice must accompany all goods returned. Credit value can only be agreed finally once the goods have been returned and assessed by our warehouse manager. A minimum 15% handling fee will apply to any agreed credit value. No credits can be considered for freight and/or delivery charges, adhesives, cement, grout, or custom orders of non-stock items from our suppliers.

24) For all special nonstock imported items from overseas or interstate, a deposit payment of 50% deposit is required with order confirmation and balance within 12 weeks thereafter or on arrival in the warehouse and prior to dispatch.

25) Where stone pavers are installed on Pedestals note some stone pavers may not be suitable for installation on pedestals due to possible structural weakness on veins and variation in thickness. Contact and discuss with our stone consultant prior purchase as

26) All tiles that contain a fibre glass/resin backing will require at least 50% of tile backing mechanically removed to expose natural stone surface. The client must ensure that the installer or fixer confirms the adhesive suitability.

27) Terms of payment: Stock items, 50% deposit, balance with 12 weeks. Non-Stock items, 50% deposit with balance on arrival and prior to dispatch.