Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the common frequently asked questions we get asked. If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to call us.


What are your opening hours?

Zuccari’s showroom and slab gallery are open Monday to Friday 9am -4pm and Saturdays 9am-1pm the tile warehouse is open for viewings via appointment only.

Appointments need to be made by calling our office 08 9249 1929 or emailing


How much time should I allow to look through your showroom and warehouse?

We would suggest a minimum of an hour to have a decent look around and consultation from one of our staff members. If you can allow as much time as possible this would give you an opportunity to explore the entire warehouse and showroom as well as ask as many questions as you like.


Do I need to make an appointment to come to the showroom for a general look?

For a general look around the showroom and slab warehouse, you don’t need to make an appointment, but if you would like to have a detailed consultation and select slabs we ask for an appointment to please be made by calling our office 08 9249 1929 or emailing


I’ve seen a tile sample in the showroom I like; can I see more tiles from the current tile batch?

Sure can, please contact our office to make sure we have the materials you want in stock in the m2 you need and an appointment can be made where a sales representative will accompany you to our tile warehouse for a viewing.  we ask for 24hrs notice for all tile viewings. Appointments need to be made by calling our office 08 9249 1929 or emailing


When can I collect my tile order?

Once full payment has been made we require 48 hours notice for all tile pickups or deliveries.


What is the best way to protect natural stone outside?

Efflorescence, which is the appearance of salts on the stone due to evaporation, is more obvious in darker products.  To help prevent this, we recommend waterproofing the material and then sealing with ‘Dry Treat Stain Proof’.


Is natural stone a good choice for around swimming pools?

Natural stones improve the landscaping of any swimming pool area, whilst offering durability.  The chemicals may cause limited corrosion, but as the stone used is non-slip, the effect is minimal.


What slab thickness should I use for external steps?

3cm slabs provide the best longevity and lessen the risk of cracking through thermal changes or structural movement.  We recommend that 2cm is the narrowest thickness used externally.


What is the minimum joint width for tiles that you recommend, internally and externally?

We recommend no less than 2mm internally and 3-4mm externally. It is best to allow a perimeter expansion joint to minimise damage to the flooring from building movement.  Allow this width between wall and stone for items such as step treads or cappings that are single items wall to wall.


Is it better to screed my internal floors or use adhesive fixing?

It is best to prepare the background with a 20mm minimum thickness screed, giving a perfect level.  If this is not practical due to cost or floor level, then consider adhesive fixing.  If using fixings, have your floor carefully surveyed for high points and, if possible, grind down these points to create better levels, thus achieving a better overall finish.


How can I seal my internal floor?

Option one – use an impregnating sealer such as ‘Dry Treat Stain Proof’ (see ‘Maintenance’ page).

Option Two – use a Surface Sealer, such as Belinzoni RRI, which is wax-based.  This, unlike option one, protects from spillages of any kind.  After initial application, put a drop in washing water every time you clean the floor to maintain it.


How do I lay tiles that have a mesh background?

If your tiles have a fibreglass and epoxy mesh backing, it is recommended to use ‘Davco two-part rapid’ when installing.  Always check the backing before laying, in case it is loose.  If they are external tiles, removing 50% of the backing will create better adhesion.


If you have read through our frequently asked questions page and your question is still not yet answered here, please do not hesitate to call us.