Maintenance and care of internal honed or polished marble, limstone, travertne and sandstone walls & floors



  1. Cleaning fabrics: Contact  Christine De Saint Jorre, 0414 275138, or
    Neutral Detergent recommendation: Johnsons “View Quick” Cleaner available from: 
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         b) Campbells Janitor Supplies: 18 Fisher St, Belmont, WA, 6104, ph 9478 4510
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(Surface Sealer Option, Not suitable for wet areas)

Given the vulnerability of honed or polished marble, limestone or travertine to acidic attack, the surface can be protected and risk of etching from acidic attack minimised by use of a surface sealer.

While typically most natural stone floors are sealed with penetrating sealers, some clients prefer a higher level of protection as well as a more “dressed” appearance. To achieve this we recommend an Italian product that has been used by the marble industry for many years to meet this requirement, Bellinzoini RR1, (alternative surface sealer options are suggested on our list of recommended sealers, see attached or refer to web site). The product should be applied by a recommended application contractor, (see attached list of recommended application contractors or refer to web site). Generally the product is diluted in water with a 1:4 ratio. Buffing on completion with a “purple encrusted diamond pad” will help to achieve the best result with a continuous low sheen throughout. A floor treated with Bellinzoni RR1 is maintained by adding a “cap” full of Bellinzoni RR1 to the washing water each time the floor is washed, (“cap” referring to the large cap that is the full diameter of the can in which the product is supplied). This rejuvenates the level of wax, helps to fill any minor scratches in the wax surface and generally leaving the floor with a fresh, maintained, continuous finish. The surface can be enhanced by periodic buffing to suit expectations with a red, blue or white nylon buffing pad.

Stripping and re application of a fresh coat of Bellinzoni RR1 is recommended approximately  every two to three years, depending on the extent of use and traffic. When stripping and re applying the floor should be scrub washed prior to re sealing, either manually using a white nylon pad, or using a commercial cleaning machine. 

Washing of the floor for general maintenance purposes should be carried out using warm potable water only. If necessary, due to soiling or spillages, a mild detergent (dish washing liquid or shampoo are safe options or refer to below recommendation), can be added to make removal of soiling or dirty marks more effective.  Adding detergent can mean washing marks are obvious on completion and if so, wash with fresh warm water to eliminate marks.  

While an appropriately maintained level of sealer will help protect the floor and minimise risk of acidic attack, it does not guarantee full protection. Any acidic attack should be cleaned up promptly. If left for any time, the acidity will slowly eliminate the wax layer and etch the floor and, or result in a stain, as well as an etch mark depending on the spillage. If renovating Adhesive tape used for securing protection may result in a mark and is best avoided. Use of any kind of abrasive pad to remove a mark is likely to leave a different surface finish. When stripping and re sealing, marks that have eventuated from cleaning, spillages or acidic attack should be possible to remove if using the services of one of the recommended sealing contractors.