Travertine Pavers Perth

Zuccari is a preferred stockist of quality natural stones. Sourced from the finest quarries across 12 countries, our Travertine Pavers in Perth are high quality, versatile and widespread in modern-day architecture. Contact us today for more information on our selection of pavers, or visit our showroom in Malaga today!

What is Travertine? 

Travertine is a dense rock made of calcium carbonate and falls between the limestone and marble family, with its traits differentiating it in formation and colour. It is formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate minerals found in freshwater sources such as springs, lakes and rivers. Travertine Pavers in Perth are available in a variety of tones, including subtle greys, soft creams to warm & rustic beiges, this aesthetically beautiful and dense stone is highly sort after and used in many homes and commercial applications throughout Australia. 

With their elegant aesthetic appeal, travertine pavers are also commonly used in walkways and driveways, adding undeniable sophistication to the entrance of your home. Due to its durability, it is also used as the paver of choice for indoor patios and outdoor areas like pathways, hallways and pool areas.

Enhance The Natural Beauty Of Your Pool With Travertine Tiles 

Characterised by its naturally forming pitted holes, our sawn or sandblasted pavers offer a textured finish that is both soft to the touch & suitable for external & pool coping applications. Popular in modern architecture, Travertine Pavers in Perth is an excellent choice of paving to enjoy the poolside barefoot in the hot summers. 

With their cosmopolitan appeal and consistent thickness, Travertine Tiles can be installed and maintained with ease making them the more desirable choice of paving for your home. 

Modernise Your Garden 

Landscape architects can use Travertine Pavers for contemporary modern-day outdoor designs or include them as a variant in your easy-to-maintain garden to create that desired sophisticated, neat and tidy look. Are you looking for the perfect landscape restoration project in Perth? Pair your travertine pavers with lush greenery to transform an otherwise plain-looking garden into your personalised oasis.

Visual appeal

Travertine is available in both a Cross-Cut finish featuring soft tonal patterns or a Vein Cut finish with prominent direction veining, with both selections creating an elegant feel to any space. These hardy stones naturally occur in a warm tan, off-white cream, grey, or a subtle beige. We can enhance the colours, finish them to achieve various textures, and cut and shape them to suit your needs.

Beautifully crafted by our high-calibre artisan suppliers, the shaping and finishing will reveal the unique qualities buried just beneath the surface. Brought to the fore during the refining stages, the visual appeal of these stones becomes more apparent, bringing out the natural tonal colours & characteristics of the stone. 


Our Travertine Pavers in Perth can be supplied in a variety of surface finishes, including:

  • Honed and filled
  • Honed and unfilled
  • Brushed and unfilled
  • Brushed and filled
  • Sawn finish

Enhance your indoor and outdoor area and add value to your property with our exquisite range. We offer a cut-to-size service that allows us to provide special orders for your upcoming project or development. 

Contact us today for Travertine Pavers Perth, or visit our showroom in Malaga, where you can interact with our user-friendly displays and find which stone you prefer.