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Granite Pavers Perth

Granite is an igneous (volcanic) rock with a distinct grainy pattern, mainly containing mica, feldspar and quartz minerals.  Granite is formed by magma or lava solidifying and cooling for millions of years.  It is developed under extreme heat and pressure, making it an extremely dense and hard-wearing natural material.  Did you know that Granite is dated at 300 million years old?  This makes it one of the oldest rocks in existence. 

Looking for a timeless, classic material to use in your landscaping project has never been easier! Consider Granite Pavers, here’s why! Granite Pavers come in beautiful colours such as shades of white, pink, tan, deep charcoal and black.  

Granite is available in smooth to rough textured finishes, and what type of finish you choose for your Granite Paver will depend on what kind of project you are working on.  I.e. outdoor pavers will need a bit of texture to make them slip-proof.  

Granite paving is versatile and practical, making it the perfect natural stone paver for most design projects, whether outdoor, indoor or residential or commercial-scale design use.  Granite paving also complements other design materials such as steel, glass or wood for a more contemporary look.

Granite paving is low in maintenance and occasionally rinsing them off or using a high-pressure washer is all you need to do to clean them to uncover their natural beauty all over again.  These natural stone pavers are also resistant to scratching and abrasion, making them a dream to maintain.

If you are looking for an extensive range of Granite in Perth, then look no further. Zuccari is Perth’s premium Granite Pavers supplier.  CALL US or visit our MALAGA SHOWROOM today!

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