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Granite Tiles Perth

Elegant and timeless, our bespoke selection of imported granite tiles can enhance any room or space. Sophisticated, durable and hard-wearing, Granite is genuinely one of the most versatile materials available on the market. Suitable for various applications, Granite is an incredibly popular choice of stone for commercial and residential properties. Zuccari is a leading supplier of natural stone tiles in Perth, and we have an extensive collection of granite tiles available.

It is a beautiful, naturally occurring stone with the strength and durability to withstand some of the most brutal climates. Granite tiles are hard natural stone tiles made from igneous rock from below the earth’s surface. It has been used for centuries in construction due to its strength and durability, dating back to Roman times.

Granite is widely considered to be one of the most durable natural stone tiles options because of the process it underwent to form. Granite takes thousands and thousands of years of extreme pressure beneath the earth’s surface to reach its final state, making it an incredibly dense rock.

The strength of Granite is said to rival the strength of diamonds, the mineral used to cut quarried granite blocks into slabs, which then become tiles. If it’s a strong tile that you are looking for, Granite should be your first choice.

Due to the versatility of granite tiling, it can also be used to accentuate water features and gardens. They make your patio or entranceway an eye-catching part of your home. Granite tiling is durable and easy to maintain.

These tiles are available in various colours in varying grains and patterns, making them the ideal choice for indoor and outdoor tiling. They give your home a timeless, classic and sophisticated feel. 

If you are looking for an extensive range of Granite in Perth, then look no further. Zuccari is Perth’s premium Granite tiles supplier.  CALL US or visit our MALAGA SHOWROOM today!

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